Dryers' installation works done in Cambridgeshire: Watch the video!



Our test machine in Limerick / Ireland for sewage sludge drying

Watch the video:



Sales of two complet drying process lines in Huntingdon (compost / RDF)


Installation of a 2 stage dryer in Migennes / France (swa dust / wood chips)


Installation of a 3 stage dryer in Shrewsbury / England (compost / RDF / digestate / wood class B)

World Climate conference COP21 in Paris

We contribute to the conference by our patent helping to clean up the oceans: the Mechanical artificial Beach.

Our proposal for solar drying is our injection dryer.

For waste sorting, we can facilitate the process by our Mini Bag Opener.


New injection dryer patent

MaB improves leak tightness of the venting box, injection pressure and moving floor movement. 

New reference of container dryer

MaB has sold another container dryer to Hyères / South France.

Capital of MaB

Mab has increased his own capital to 200.100 € in order to finance export projects and R&D work.