Secadora a inyeccion

On February 20, the team of MaB has invited his customers & partners to discuss energy enfficient drying technologies. We have transformed the presentations in extracts that we have published on Youtube (click on links):



Energy Efficient Drying Principles


Part 1/10: Why drying?

For which reasons do we need dryers? Which are the benefits?


Part 2/10: Process & Symbols

For many users, a dryer is a simple machine. Even its symbol seems to be evident. But it is useful to analyse the details of the different functions of a classical dryer.


Part 3/10: Energy balance & Energy Efficiency

Why is drying efficiency always lower than estimated before?


Part 4/10: Input humidity & Throughput

Throughput depends on each product with its specific, natural moisture degree.


Part 5/10: Particle size & Pressure drop

Each product possesses a specific particle size naturally or a size which is obtained after shredding and screening, having much impact on the needed air pressure.


Part 6/10: Humidity type & Heat intensity

Water can be contained in a product in various physical, chemical and biological ways. The kind of humidity has consequences on the necessary heat intensity.



Dryer types & applications


Part 7/10: Our injection dryer patent

A special dosing system & a special heat air introduction for an energy efficiency.


Part 8/10: Proposal for a digestate dryer

How to dry the solid and the liquid phase of digestate?


Part 9/10: Dryers for waste applications

A short video summary on different waste applications.


Part 10/10: Dryers for woodchips and saw dust

A short video on the different machine functions.